Juli 02, 2009


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Say Hellooo to everybodyyyy!
Gosh. I'm very busy with college stuff, you know since I was not accepted in UI, I was very stressed about myself. Though I already have Psikologi Atmajaya, I still want UI. Just wisk me luck ;)

April 11, 2009


well, I heard some rumors that this kinda stupid bangs are so on right now. but I think not all people fit with this bangs, including me. Hahaha. obviously, in this photo. actually, if you see me like this in the real, it won't be like this. it would be better, I guess :p blalalah not important. 

actually I would like to share my photos with firda when we hung out together on thursday :) 

maybe you guys are wondering what is that on the third picture. It was our doodling on starbucks's tissue. Hehehe :p Firda's was better than mine, I told her to teach me doodling someday although she said hundred times to open this wanton doodles thing, I still can't imagine how to draw those silly characters. Seems easy but hard, not  really important too. But doodling is fun! Making a lot of characters that you've never imagine before, you should try it once, I bet you'll never want to stop. Tee-Hee.

kiss kiss

The New One

Hey Guys! This is my new blog. hahaha I don't know, maybe this kinda very very late to make this blog thing. but my cousin,
Firda told me to join blogger. And of course, this blog made by her. Thanks, bebsy! Well, the only one reason that I'm very lazy to make blog is I don't really know what to say and I'm not kinda person who likes writing and sharing my stories in many texts like this. But, I'm gonna try. 

kiss kiss